Glitter Nails

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I decided to show a little bit of halloween spirit this year by making my nails glittery and orange.

Ok, I know it's not much, but oh well. It was fun anyways and now I know how to glitter nails. It's really easy.

What you need:

Clear nail hardener or clear coat
Loose glitter
A sheet of paper (creased in the centre, but unfolded)

How to do it:

*Make sure your nails are clean and dry.
*Paint a generous coat of clear coat on. As long as it stays on the nail, you can't have too much (only do one or two nails at a time so the clear coat doesn't dry before you glitter it).
*Over your sheet of paper, sprinkle lots of loose glitter on to cover the whole nail.
*Tap your finger lightly to let any excess glitter fall off.
*Allow to dry for a few minutes, then press glitter lightly onto the nail.
*If there are spots that are missing glitter, apply another coat of clear polish and glitter.
*Once you're happy with the amount of glitter and have allowed it to set a bit, apply a final coat of clear nail polish on top.
*And to prevent waste: carefully pick up your sheet of paper, fold along the crease, and dump the glitter back into its original container!

It takes this a long time to dry because of the amount of polish you have to put on. I would suggest doing it shortly before your favourite tv show is about to start so you can just sit still and not use your fingers for an hour or so while they dry! Use nail polish remover and a q-tip to clean up any polish/glitter on the skin around your nails.

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