Christmas Decor, for Cheap!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have a tendency to overdo christmas. I am no budgeter or financial genius by any means and I love giving. So when I got the urge to start decorating for holidays this year, I knew I had to find a way to keep the spending to a minimum. This was my first project.

Gavin is obsessed with candy canes right now. When you mention Santa to him, he doesn't even think of presents, instead he goes off on how Santa will be bringing him candy canes! So last night we went to walmart and bought 2 boxes of them.

...and he's not really a big fan of the peppermint... oops!
(Probably for the best)

But I found a place to put them where they are pretty and easy to get at if anyone wants to eat one....

I always have these glasses on shelves in our dining room because they look (kind of) nice and we don't have cupboard space for them. The tall beer glasses looked perfect for hanging the candy canes, the only problem was that there was a big gap under the candy canes since the glasses are so tall. I thought on it and decided to fill the bottom with kosher salt (it's not as fine as table salt) to look like snow!

Then I did the same for the glasses on the other shelves, adding cute objects that added to the christmas feel.

Ta-da! Aren't they cute? I think I need to keep something in them at all times... they look so much better than just empty glasses!

3 wonderful comments:

Tara said...

Those look amazing! So simple, but so genius :)

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Genius? I'm not so sure, but thank you! :)

Mom said...

They are perfect! What a great way to add some Christmas to the items that are already there.