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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I could tell you that living with 2 males means that I have to have a good strategy for coping with stains, but the truth is, I'm just as bad for getting my clothes stained as them! In some cases even more so because I'm not the tidiest cook (and have yet to make myself an apron) and I'm usually doing most of the cooking. So anyways, a couple years ago Mason and Gavin bought me a really nice shirt for Mother's Day and not long after I found a couple of grease spots on it. It was an expensive shirt and I was not happy to find stains on it, so I went on a mission to find a good solution. I don't remember where I found it, but this has been my go-to stain removing solution ever since. I've even gotten lots of other non-greasy stains out this way, it just works so well. I've only ever used it on cotton/cotton blends, but it should be gentle enough to use on all washable fabrics.

What you need:

baking soda
dish soap (that you would hand wash dishes with)

How to do it:

-Get the stained area damp.
-Pour on some dish soap.
-Dump on some baking powder.
-Mix with your finger until it becomes a thick paste (add more soap or soda to get it right if necessary).
-Rub the spot with the mixture with your fingers.
-Rinse from the backside of the shirt with water (warm to hot water for grease stains, cold water for coloured stains).
-Check to see if it got rid of the stain all the way.
         -If it did (or you can't tell), hang the shirt to dry.
          Never put clothes that may have stains in the dryer!
         -If it didn't, repeat. This time allow the mixture to sit on there for a while before
          scrubbing and rinsing it out.

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