Book-Smart Sunday

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey, remember all those months ago when I decided to start Book-Smart Sunday? Yeah, it has been forever. Just for the fun of it, I figured to give it a go again. In case you haven't noticed (I know, you have), I haven't been blogging with much consistency at all lately. There are two reasons: one is that I have stuff going on with school every week this semester. I think this is what university is actually supposed to be like, but it's new to me! The second is that I've just been doing other stuff.

C'est la vie!

Brace yourself, this is not a joke: The book I've been reading is titled F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way, written by John C. Parkin. I know, I've already turned off 75% of you, but read on, just for the fun of it. Other than the obvious language that might bother some people (he doesn't use stars to block out those two letters inside the book), it's actually a really interesting book.

(This video of the author does the best job of explaining)

The basic premise is learning to let go of everything and just be yourself. And while it seems like I just gave away the entire book there, it really is worth reading. It's fascinating to read all of the stuff that we worry about so much that we really don't need to worry about. The author's message is not to go out and do whatever you want and live an excessive life, nor is it to just give up everything in your life and meditate in a cave. Instead, he is running on the idea that human beings are generally good and if we just stop obsessing over the "shoulds" in life that we will be better off, and that idea sounds just right to me!

2 wonderful comments:

Mom said...

Sounds like a valuable thing to learn. I try not to have a 'shouldy' outlook on life. And I have also learned that 'must-erbation' is not healthy. :)

Mason said...

"Fuck It" is the introduction into "Turn Your Familiar World Inside Out" by Infinite Dimensions of Beings, Qualities and State...