Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something struck me the other day, and I've really been thinking about it a lot since.

As a child, most of us feel loved. We know that we have parents, siblings, and extended family who care deeply for us and we care deeply for them. It's such a well known fact, that we stop thinking about it.

Then one day, we become parents ourselves. And every single thing that our children do is the coolest, most interesting, special, loveable, amazing thing EVER. As a new mom, I could easily have gotten into an in depth conversation about anything relating to Gavin... like poop.... I probably could have talked about his poop forever and thought that it was a perfectly interesting conversation!

I've calmed down a little bit, but the truth is...

...they wrap us around their tiny fingers.

And they wrap their aunties, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents (etc) around their tiny little fingers too.

The whole family is completely overjoyed by their simple existence.

It's hilarious, amazing and fantastic.

And it came to me the other day that it was probably the same when I was a child, but I had never thought about it. I was lucky enough to take it all for granted then.

Now that I'm a parent, I have the utmost appreciation for the people who watched me grow because I know that even if I was too small and naive to understand it, they were behind me every step of the way and they still are.

Isn't it funny how parenthood can totally reframe things?

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Mom said...

You are so right! We were all very thrilled with every little thing you did - even the mischievous stuff. I still remember when I thought you flushed my earrings down the toilet! Each child is unique and that is what makes each of them amazing. Love is what makes us want to talk about them all the time. I still love talking about you and your sister. You are both still amazing to me.