Reruns: My Little Man

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I came across this post while searching for rerun content. I remember this day so well! So I added an extra photo at the bottom of him NOW! :) I'm sure this post makes a little more sense now that you know my personal story.

There is a little story behind this post that I should tell you before anything else. Today I had to do a very short class presentation on an item that is special to me. I took my son's most special stuffed monkey. The point of my presentation was that my son really made me who I am today. What shocked me is that I got all teary in the middle of talking about it. I guess sometimes I forget how amazing he is and how amazing all the things he has done for my life are.

1 day old - January 2009

So this is to my little man. He really saved my life. Because of him I went from a lost soul, to a woman with a purpose. I gained a new perspective and a new direction. Because of him I have the most amazing partner in my life. Because of him all of my bad moods are threatened by his brilliant smiles and silly tricks. Ever since I found out that I was expecting him, my life has been absolutely perfect. Every single thing since that day has happened for a reason. I now know the value of family, and what exactly family is and is not. I am happy living a "mundane", normal life. In fact, it is all that I want. I could really go on forever, so thank you to my baby for just being here.

Almost 16 months old now (when the post was first written in May 2010)!

AND Gavin now....

31 months old now! 

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Mom said...

Children really do make our lives wonderful. I know, because you and your sister did that for me. And you are still doing it. Luv ya.

Rebecca said...

This post just melted my heart!!! I loved seeing all the pictures! He is lucky to have such a sweet mommy :) Thanks so much for linking this post up with me!

emmy said...

He is so lovely. I love your blog and i love your story, its inspiring. Am a new follower from

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks, ladies!