Monday, August 8, 2011

Have you ever lost something "un-loseable"? We've all lost keys, wallets, sunglasses, money, and so on, but what about things you'd never expect to lose?

Well we lost Gavin's blankie. You know, not just any blankie, but the blankie. It was a blankie from the hospital when he was born and he sleeps with it every night. Somehow last night, it was gone. We looked high, low, and in places a blankie would never be. It's not like it ever leaves the house and we had seen it just hours before. But it is no where to be found! Gavin was pretty sad about it last night so I promised him that today we would go to the fabric store and he could pick any fabric he wanted and I would make him a new blankie.

So that is what we did today. I vetoed Fabricland altogether because I know they have the Thomas and Cars fabric and I knew Gavin would be all over that. But it just doesn't match his room, and it isn't cute in the way a mom who sews wants it to be cute. We got to the fabric store and I intentionally tried to point out what I liked, you know, the Michael Miller types. Then dad came in. He pointed at the hockey fabric. He pointed at the tractor fabric. He pointed at all the fabric I was trying so hard to avoid! And then Gavin laid his eyes on the truck fabric and it was all over. He has a huge obsession with trucks and machines right now so there was no negotiating. It had to be the truck fabric (and dad was here to back him up).

It doesn't match his room. It isn't cute in the way that a mom who sews would want it to be cute. But he loves it and that's all that matters.

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Tara said...

It's adorable! And I bet it covers him up better, too :)

It may not be Michael Miller, but personally, I love boy motifs like trucks and machines - as long as it's not the commercialized stuff like "Thomas" and "Cars". I'm planning to make Ben a second blankie to keep at grandma's house, but he's still little enough that I get to choose the fabric!

Kimberly said...

Such a cutie...aren't they so adorable when they sleep? Sorry to hear about the beloved blankie. My son has a dog called Woof that my mom gave him before he was even born. We have lost him temporarily before and the panic that sets in (in me that is) is terrible.
I know what you mean about all the "boy" fabrics. I give up though...I just let him get what he wants. He has a Thomas themed room which is now going to get updated to a Lego/train themed room. Maybe the next one will be a girl? Just joking...I love it.

Mom said...

I bet that original blankie will show up one day. If it never leaves your apartment, then it has to be there somewhere. You will find it when and where you least expect it. In the meantime, this one looks fantastic! And he is soooo adorable sleeping.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Aww it looks great! And big! :)

I'm assuming it's the same fabric on both sides? Or is it something else on the back?

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks ladies!

Tara, I know what you are saying. I think the blanket is cute anyways, I'm just glad it isn't commercialized stuff. Gavin gets enough of that already.

Kimberly, I can totally relate to that panicked feeling you're referring to! When we couldn't find his blankie my first thought was, "Uh-oh, is this going to be a rough night?". And it really is sweet to watch them sleep. I can almost forget, for a split second, about what a crazy bundle of energy he is when he is sleeping.

Mom, I'm sure it will turn up, but there have been things that got totally lost before, so who knows?

Sarah, it's just a piece of fabric hemmed around the edges. Our apartment is pretty warm (and so is the boy) even in the winter, so he needs really light weight blankets. A fleece blanket results in a soaked bed and a smelly child in the morning! Yuck!