A Personal Story, part 9

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

After Gavin's birth, time flew by. We spent three days in the hospital and had tons of wonderful visitors. Somehow it still feels like yesterday. Yep, even though Gavin's cute face and beautiful blue eyes might suggest otherwise, he's not Mason's biological son (that's right, people comment on how much he looks like his dad way more than they do about his mom).

He was the first person (other than the medical staff) to hold Gavin in his arms. Since day one, he has been the best Daddy that Gavin could ever have. His parents have been amazing grandparents, his brother an amazing uncle and all the rest of his family has been more loving, accepting and supportive than I could have ever dreamed.

Sometimes we worried about our situation. Mason was Gavin's dad in every single way, but one, and that one doesn't matter at all to us. Unfortunately, that one little way is what matters to the law. While it meant absolutely nothing to the way we lived, it meant that there was the possibility of a biological parent with rights down the road. Every now and then, this possibility seemed closer than others, but in April 2010 we finally saw J again. It turned out that he was supportive of our situation and only wanted to meet Gavin once.

That leads me to the news...

Mason is now Gavin's dad in every way that matters to us and every way that matters to the law! While the adoption is just an arbitrary legal procedure, it makes me really happy. Mason has been so amazing and I'm so thankful to have him as a part of our lives and he now has all the recognition he deserves.

I hope you enjoyed our story. As a child, I certainly never imagined my family this way, but it is better than I could have ever dreamed. I have learned so much about what makes a family, which is of course, love above all else. I'm sure that our story will make for some interesting moments later in life, but I believe that things have turned out the best way they could have...
Besides, I was never much of a planner!

In case you missed anything:

4 wonderful comments:

Mom said...

I hope Mason knows that everyone in the family sees what a wonderful Dad he is. He is Gavin's perfect father. Biology is forgotten by us all as well. They are simply father and son, and they always have been. Your story is wonderful and Mason played a big part in making it that way. We love you Mason!!!

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

:) I think he knows it so well he forgets too. At the end of the day, Mason has gone above and beyond what a biological father would need to just to be Gavin's dad. And that means the most!

Emily said...

What a beautiful family!! Congratulations on making it "legal." Thanks so much for sharing your story - I really enjoyed it! I kind of feel like I know you now. :)

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks, Emily! I know it's not as huge of an announcement as you guessed a couple weeks ago, but it's big for us! I'm glad that you enjoyed the story. :)