Back Online!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

That's right, folks, I'm back online!

That means it's time to catch up. When I decided to take a couple weeks off of social networking, I thought that it would be really hard, or different, or something. Honestly, it wasn't. I did miss the blogs (and I may have read a couple posts by my favourite bloggers somewhere in there). I love the blogging community a lot and I missed reading the creative and thoughtful posts that so many people write every day. As for facebook, I realized how much of an illusion of being connected it is. The people that I actually connect with on a regular basis are either not on facebook or we don't really communicate using facebook and I didn't really miss using the site.

The first day of Project disConnect, I went on a hike. I didn't have to work until 1:00 p.m., so I decided to take Gavin to daycare and get outside by myself. I walked, I ran, I climbed, I fell on my butt, and I had a blast. At one point I stood on a cliff overlooking the valley and the river, and I felt so alive - so in the moment, and so me. As a kid, I loved hiking, climbing, exploring. I loved being outside and discovering my world. As a teen and a young adult, it happened less and less. The last time I can remember doing something like that was in Waskesiu with Mason the summer I was pregnant. Being out there made me remember that the same kid was still in there somewhere and just because I am an adult and a mom doesn't mean that my own inner child needs to change or go away. In fact, what better time to embrace it? That day I ended up spending over 2 hours wandering and exploring alone. It was amazing.

A few days later Mason, Gavin and I went on a hike together. It was even more educating for me. While I assumed that going on a big trek was something I would have to do when Gavin was in someone else's care, I was wrong. He kept up with us for the most part, and when there were hills to climb, Mason carried him. Apparently, having children doesn't restrict my life at all, my assumptions about having children does that.

Other than those things, I hung out with my boys, read a new book, worked, and relaxed. I started putting together Gavin's baby book (haha, yes, a little late!) and I gave up my iphone for something I can afford right now.

But most importantly, I'm focusing more on what matters, which is here and now.

Thanks for reading. :)

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