A Personal Story, part 1

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I've decided to tell you guys a personal story about me as a way to work up to some happy news that's on the way (sorry, mom, I'm not pregnant). While I started this blog to be a crafty place, I find it hard not to share pieces of myself on here too. I suppose it is my space after all, so I can say all I want and if you're not into it, you just won't be reading.

What is this all about? Well, I want to tell you the story of my little family. It's not a normal one and I'm perfectly happy to have it that way. And at the end of this series, I'll let you know the full reason why I did this series, so let's get on with it!

I'll give you a little background info on my family because I think it's important. I was born into an amazing family. I have a sister who is two years older than me and a wonderful mom and dad. They have always been the most fantastic people I could have ever asked to be surrounded with. When I was 5, my parents decided to split up. While many people see this sort of thing as a sad event, it has worked out to be wonderful. Life went on and a few years later my dad ended up with a fantastic lady, my step-mom, Denise. I was also fortunate enough to have a wonderful step-dad, and he will always hold a special place in my heart even though he doesn't technically hold that title anymore. Basically, I have been blessed with a great family even if they aren't necessarily related to me by blood, or other usual family ties.
Mom and her other grandson, Ben....Gavin with Dad & Denise... Jacob, Ben and Tara
Now what I was meaning to get at, was my own little family: Mason, Gavin and I. Mason and I met when I was in grade 11 and he was in grade 12. We had a math class together. I didn't have any good friends in the class and Mason ended up being made to sit with me because he and his friends were a little too disruptive. I commented on his handwriting and we started to talk a little and we started chatting online (because that's what we all did back then, haha). We started to hang out, and flirt... You know where this is going right? But he didn't ask me out and so after a couple months we just went our separate ways. I went back to the safety of my old boyfriend and he went on living like a single high school senior. Somehow we reconnected and in the fall after he graduated, he finally asked me out.

The earliest photo I could find of us together [December 2005].
Unfortunately,  I was a teenager and wasn't necessarily taking nice photos.

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