Book-Smart Sunday

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Morning!

Well, school is winding down. I'm still doing a ton of writing, but the end is in sight. My first trip home in two months is also in sight, which is very exciting. I can't believe I haven't seen my nephew since he was just about six months old, now he is approaching 8 months. Sigh...

Anyways, it's Book-Smart Sunday! While I seriously considered posting a native philosophy book that I'm currently writing a paper on, I decided that this should be a break from school. That means today we have Curious George (not one, but all million or so of the books)! I've always been a fan of Curious George books. If I had a scanner I would have inserted a photo of me at age 3 or 4 snoozing with a large Curious George stuffed animal (who was actually my mom's long before I was born and now lives in Gavin's room!).

We currently own the New Adventures of Curious George collection. Gavin really likes the stories and so do I. They're always so sweet and simple. I love the concept behind them: George's curiosity always gets him into and then out of trouble. Any kid can relate to that, especially the first part. I hope to have the whole collection someday! A funny little piece of trivia: George has also gone by names including Fifi, Zozo, Peter, Nicke, and many more in different languages! He also technically doesn't quite fit the monkey bill as he has no tail, something I failed to recognize until Wikipedia pointed out the detail.

I googled the authors out of curiosity while writing this as well. The husband and wife duo (H.A. & Margaret Rey) met and married prior to WWII, and H.A. died in 1977 and Margaret in 1996. Isn't it amazing how timeless their stories truly are?

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