Unofficial Band Tee

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Morning!

A couple days ago I dug out my son's photo album so I could get to work on updating it and I found these adorable pictures:

{Sigh, has my boy ever grown!}

I ended up admiring his cut onesie. I've always loved band t-shirts, but they are ridiculously expensive to buy in baby and toddler sizes. So why not make my own? I know there has to be something technically wrong with this, but I've convinced myself that since I'm not selling it, it's ok.

Using my Silhouette I put one together pretty easily. Gavin saw it hanging on his doorknob when he got home and wanted to put it on right away (and then proceeded to get it dirty in record time, so I haven't gotten pictures of him in it yet). He always loves the t-shirts I make him, which only adds to how addictive they are!

On another note, Gavin's birthday shout out was on Ohdeedoh yesterday finally! Find it here. :)

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