Book-Smart Sunday

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Morning!

This week I decided to feature a few books by the same author. The author is Leslie Patricelli. I looked up her website in preparation for writing this post, and found out she has many more books that I haven't seen. The three that we own and adore are:

The main character in these three (and a bunch of others) is this nameless, genderless baby. The child is always in a diaper and shows no sign of being a boy or a girl, and therefore any little kid can relate. The books are also really basic in concept, but so much fun. Gavin had Yummy Yucky and Potty memorized in a day or two after we bought them, which was really fantastic. And the Birthday Box is a classic story that we can all relate to: about the child who gets a birthday gift and wants to play with the box for hours.  

Oh and did I mention they are board books? I love board books!

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Tara said...

Memorizing books is a great first step to literacy - so I think Gavin will be reading by the time he's three!!! Well, maybe four... You have a little genius on your hands :)