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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Morning!

As you probably know, my son celebrated his second birthday yesterday. As you may also know, we have a big, wonderful family that lives 7 hours away! Since we are students flying isn't really an option ($$$), and since it is winter, driving sucks. So for the second year, we stayed in Lethbridge for the little guy's birthday. Last year my mom, sister and brother-in-law came down for the occasion, but it didn't work out for anyone to come down this year. Instead of having a birthday of three, we decided to have a birthday party online!

I made up some birthday invites using picnik, and even sent out a printable birthday hat template to everyone so that they could wear matching hats. Then we all met up online on skype at 6 pm and had birthday cake and presents! Here are the invitations I made:

This is the template for the birthday hat I sent out. I found the outline online then added the planes, trains, helicopters, and automobiles on picnik. I tried to keep the colours light, and left the background white so it would be relatively printer-friendly. 

And here's a few photos. It was a great way to make a birthday party even when we couldn't all be together! I made the cake too! It was lots of work, but it paid off. :)

6 wonderful comments:

Tara said...

I must say, that cake was AMAZING! Just wish I could've tasted it :)

Lisa Fergus said...

What a great idea!!! Love that cake, and my son LOVES that Melissa and Doug cutting board and fruit!
Great post!!

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Tara, I wish you guys were here to have some! Mason didn't even have any because he was sick, so we barely even made a dent in it!

And thanks Lisa, Gavin also LOVES the cutting toy. Who knew it would be such a hit? We just have to teach him that it's not ok to run around stabbing everything with the knife!

Grandma Val said...

The party was almost as good as being there. Thanks for "having us over". I too wish I could have had some of that cake! It was adorable. I hope Mason is feeling better so he can help you finish it up.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

That is just too sweet!! I love it. I love the cake, but what I love even MORE is that y'all met up on Skype and were still able to celebrate together :D

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

I'm glad it worked out so well and that everybody had fun, too. It's way better than just showing photos/videos after the fact. And honestly, less stressful than a real birthday party.