My Weekend.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Morning!

This weekend was great for my family. My mom came to town on Friday to visit which was really awesome, and on Saturday she babysat Gavin so that Mason and I could have some time for ourselves. As parents, sometime it's the best gift someone can give you. Not that we don't love spending our time with Gavin, and not that I wasn't a little torn because I was giving up time with my mom, but we're at the end of the semester of school and things are getting crazy (mostly for Mason) and Christmas is also coming up quickly. So it was nice to have a night of freedom. We went to the John Butler Trio's show at the University of Calgary. It was AMAZING! Remember my post mentioning the band from a few months ago?

They are a band from Australia, and until now have only played shows in Toronto and Vancouver (at least since I've known of them). The lead singer & guitarist, John Butler, is very talented. He totally blew my mind. And his bassist and drummer are also amazing themselves. At one point Byron Luiters, the bassist, was playing a double bass and didgeridoo at the same time. And the drummer's kit was pretty elaborate, plus his name is Nicky Bomba. Enough said. They also know how to put on a great show. It was tons of fun, and they really mixed it up. At one point they left the stage and spent some time in the crowd at the back. We were right at the front, so we could only hear this part, but I could really appreciate what they were doing because I know what it's like to be a short person at the back of a concert. I could probably talk about it all day, but I know you're probably getting bored already.

This is a photo I took of John Butler playing a song called "Ocean" solo. It has no words, just guitar and it is spectacular. I think the song is close to 15 minutes long, too. It's really great.

Ok, I'm done talking about it now. It was great having Mom here as well, she absolutely adores Gavin and he absolutely adores her. After she left every now and then he would say "Grandma's here!" and I'd have to explain that, no, she went home. Poor guy! It will be so nice to live in the same city as my family again one day.

We also watched the Grey Cup yesterday. It's pretty clear who we were cheering for:

But our team lost! Maybe next year....

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Sharon (Titan) said...

You have to be the busiest young lady I know. You're so creative and seem to have time to juggle school, crafts & family. Good for you. I wish I had a quarter of your energy. Go Girl!!!

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

:) Thanks so much, Sharon!