Food Week: Day Three

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Morning!

Today's recipe is a VERY easy one. It's an awesome one to throw in the oven while you get a few other things done. And it's tasty.

Orange and Onion Chicken


1 can frozen concentrated orange juice, thawed
1 pkg onion soup mix
4 chicken breasts, boneless, skinless


Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Place chicken in a glass baking dish. Mix orange juice and onion soup mix in a bowl then pour over chicken. Bake for 45 minutes, basting often.

And that's it! I served mine with quinoa on the side and put a little of the sauce onto. It was yummy and easy, which is great for busy people! Oh, and if you don't know what quinoa is yet, it's about time. It's really plain, like rice or something, but has a ton of potential and it's really healthy. Read more about it here. In fact, I'd like to eat more of it.

Anyways, enjoy!

5 wonderful comments:

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

This looks oh so yummy and I can't believe how easy it is! Thanks so much for this recipe!

tt.scraps said...

Thanks for sharing...sounds yummy!
Your newest follower,

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks for stopping by Tammy & Tammy :)

Christine said...

We tried this recipe for supper tonight. It was very good and easy to make. Thanks for the recipe Erica.

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Yay! So glad you tried it out, Christine! Thanks for leaving a comment :)