Book Makeover

Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Morning!

I saw this post recently and it inspired me to try making over a book with some nice paper. I used a little book and dressed it up with cute robot paper. All in all I like it, except I used Glue Dots like the post recommended and you can feel the texture under the paper. Also, there are spaces between the dots and therefore spaces where the edges of the paper aren't fully glued which isn't a problem now, but they might get ruined easily in my purse. I think I'd like to try this sort of project again, but with a different adhesive.

I just used some ribbon and two different papers to make the book look cute.

AND.... I've decided to do a food week here on the blog. I'll be trying one new recipe everyday for one week and sharing the results with you. I'll be cooking up the first dish tonight, so you'll hear about it tomorrow. :)

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Lisa Fergus said...

Cute idea!!
I can't wait for food week! I love trying new recipes!