A Quickie for Back-to-School

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Morning!

I just went shopping for my school supplies (I know I must be a big nerd because school is still a few weeks away!) and I decided to watch my spending on them this year. After all, they are for function not fashion. I was definitely tempted to go for the cute notebooks with bright patterns and the weird plastic covers, but I paid half the price and got a plain notebook with more pages. I also eyed up the pens that I love to use, but realized that I could pay $2.50 for 12 pens that are totally acceptable, but not my favourite, or $10 for 8 of the pens I prefer. Easy decision!

Anyways, because I still like my notebooks to be a little more interesting than this:

I got a little crafty and tossed some contact paper left over from my little kitchen project on the cover of the notebook! I'm sure this has been done before, but nothing inspired this project specifically.

I cut the contact paper a little bigger than the cover so it wrapped around the the back. Then I used some clear tape to tack it onto the cover better. It was super easy and took about 15 minutes total! I still have another notebook, but not enough contact paper, so hopefully I'll have another little notebook makeover soon.

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