Butterflies and Airplanes

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good morning!

I just realized that I completely forgot to tell you about my zoo trip. I know it's not really creative at all, but I did take some nice pictures!

We went to the zoo about a year ago, when we first moved to Lethbridge. It was fun, but more for Mason and I because Cookie Crumb was only about 7 months old. He had fun, but didn't really understand the animals yet. This year was completely different! He was so impressed by all the animals. He learned some of their names, and the ones that he didn't learn were either "puppy", "kitty" or "duck". :)

He also learned what airplanes are. We don't have much for air traffic over Lethbridge because there isn't much of an airport, so he isn't used to hearing or seeing that. In Calgary there were lots of jets either landing or taking off that went over the zoo. We told Cookie Crumb what they were and for the rest of the day he would start saying "Airplane! Airplane!" about 10 seconds before Mason and I could hear one approaching. I guess that goes to show how much more sensitive his ears are!

The zoo changed some things since our last visit, including the completion of a butterfly garden. I could have stayed in there all day! I felt like a little girl again. I just wanted to chase the butterflies and watch them. They were so beautiful!

2 wonderful comments:

Melissa said...

Aw, what a lovely trip! The peacock photo is beautiful.

Acire said...

Thanks so much! It was so funny seeing all the toddlers (who are right at the peacock's level!) react to the big, bright birds just wandering around amongst the crowds of people. Priceless!