Better Late Than Never

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Good Afternoon!

I'm just running a little late today. Normally I get my posts set up the night before, but not this time. It actually slipped my mind, to be honest. I've been so ahead of myself lately. Anyways, I'm just working on some stuff for my cousin's "baby shower" this weekend. I use quotes because it isn't a typical shower, it is more of a casual meet-and-greet for the ladies so that everyone gets a chance to see the beautiful baby boy, Brayden. While I won't go into details about others' lives on my blog, I will just say that Brayden is a VERY special addition to the family and he has brightened all of our lives. He and his mom deserve a special day for everyone to come by and show them some love!

Since this "shower" will be so casual, I feel alright about showing these off beforehand. Hopefully they freeze and thaw ok with the icing! Fingers crossed. While making these super cute cookies I learned a little about icing in the process. Let me just say, I have a lot more respect than I already had for people like Pam from Cookie Crazie. It is NOT easy to just produce beautiful cookies like hers! But mine are cute enough and definitely fine for a first try. Cookies also are not my passion like they are for Pam, so I don't need to be the very best.

Here is the whole batch (minus one, which broke so we ate it).

The onesie cookies are my favourite!

Here's a couple more favourites.

Did you notice that the rocking horses are the only ones that didn't get any good recognition? Well, that's because I'm no good at drawing horses and therefore no good at drawing the outline of a horse on a cookie. They'll do though. :)

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